Decorate With Me - 2017 Halloween Decor Takedown Haul.


Is it just me or is this year going by at hypersonic speed? Already, it's that time of year #bohobabes... holiday transition. As we leave behind the ghosts and goblins of Halloween, we waltz into the togetherness brought forward by Thanksgiving. This leaves me with a dilemma... my take down of Halloween decor. In early October, I originally wanted to bring you guys a small Halloween decor haul. October was a crazy month, therefore my schedule would not permit me to post my haul. Enter: W+P 2017 Halloween Decor Takedown Haul. I simply want to show you guys what I purchased to decorate my home for All Hallows' Eve. As a kid, my favorite holidays were Halloween and Mardi Gras. This thought took me by surprise when I realized that I didn't exactly go all out this year. In 2017, I chose to buy a few simple knick-knacks that made areas of my home feel more festive. I went with more of a witch theme with the traditional black and orange Halloween color scheme. I guess this goes to show you that simplicity is better when it comes to holiday decorating. If you like hauls be sure to read on... 


The man and I crudely carved this Jack-O-Lantern for our front stoop. There is nothing like pumpkins on your doorstep to put you in the fall mood. We scored the pumpkins from Powell's Pop-Up Market And Farm in Elizabeth City, NC. #fallvibes


This adorable door hanger is from, get this, BigLots. In early October, I strolled into a BigLots looking for storage containers. Ultimately, I ended up walking out with this adorable tulle witch bottom door hanger. I'm absolutely obsessed with witches for Halloween... it was a natural choice. The door hanger is of great quality. I can truly see myself using this for years to come.


This adorable crossroads sign is from Target. I like the Witch's Way signage that conveniently points up to our doorsteps. CUTE! 


What Halloween haul would be complete without a faux pumpkin. Can you guess which one is real? I found this chevron striped gold and black mini pumpkin at Target. The white and orange mini pumpkins are from Powell's Pop-Up Market And Farm in Elizabeth City, NC.


As I mentioned before, I love witches! I spotted this tea towel at Spirit Halloween this year and I quickly snatched it up. Next to Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus is my all time favorite Halloween movie. I love festive tea towels in the kitchen. Not only are these tea towels functional, they add to the Halloween decor element.

Of course, I couldn't settle for just one tea towel. My hoarding instinct drove me to toss this adorable tea towel set into my shopping cart. I especially adore the black tassels, so crafty. Thanks again, Ross!


I don't know if it's the crafty girl in me, I absolutely love all things felt. When I spotted this felt witch figure at my local Target, I absolutely had to adopt her. I had no choice! Who in their right mind would pass up that adorable face? All season her home was in a bay window. The witch's bottom is weighed down. It was extremely easy to perch this figurine in a window and not worry about her falling off the edge. I can't wait to see my witch next Halloween.


THIS! This is my favorite piece in the entire haul. This faux gold-plated Mexican skull is embellished with lovely flowers and elaborate vines. I've seen plenty of decorative skulls but none are as beautiful and alluring as this one. When I saw this piece at Ross, I immediately pictured it nestled amongst the amethyst and rose quartz stones on my fireplace mantle. The color is a deep rich gold and is quite heavy. Honestly, I can probably make the mantle it's permanent home. What do you think? Comment down below.


More felt? Why not?! I told you I was a crafty chick. When I saw this traditional felt Jack-O-Lantern hanger at Target... I had to have it! Not only is it adorable, it fits my Halloween color scheme of black and orange. In this picture, I have it hanging on a dark wood tone mirror in my den. So adorably festive! 


Of course, this haul would not be complete without something for the bar cart. When I spotted this charming Eat, Drink And Be Scary wooden plaque at Burkes Outlet, I jumped on it. Eat, Drink And Be Scary is what Halloween is all about, right?

Situated next to the plaque is yet another felt figurine by Target's Hyde And Eek Collection. I couldn't resist grabbing this little guy and his brothers off of an abandoned re-shop cart. Apparently, these felt birds are insanely popular and quite the collectors' item. This little guy's name is Hissy.

Say Hello to Carver!

Say Hello to Carver!

This cute little guy is Haunter.

This cute little guy is Haunter.

I absolutely love the quality of these felt figurines. Also, at a $5 price point, they are a great value. These guys were perched in my bay window for most of the season. The one on the left is Carver and the one on the right is Haunter. I was in Target recently only to find the Thanksgiving-themed versions of these on a corner display self. I'm totally not going to give in and buy those...

Well, as I prepare my Halloween decor for storage all I can think about is my plan for next year. Until then, it is time to prepare for Thanksgiving.  If you would like to see a Thanksgiving haul blog post or *gasp* VIDEO please comment and share this blog post.


Happy Fall, Y'all!


I hope this helps.